Episode 100 – History, Geography and Jumping In

So we have finally reached 100 episodes.  What an incredible way to spend the finite number of years we have on this planet.  This episode recounts the history of our world, the geography of our world, and finally we actually use our real names on the podcast.  Exciting.

Also this episode is the perfect jumping in point for new listeners.  We recount the story so far, and let people know what is the state of play as we head into our fourth season.
Enjoy, and Season 4 will start next week.

Season 2 – Episode 44 – All’s Well That Ends Grotwell

This is it, the climax of season 2.  Grot and Dante are finally going to confront the evil mastermind of all their woes, Grotwell.  The Goblin scribe has been pulling the strings from behind the scenes for too long, and now our heroes will try to take him down, before he can seize power in Vanamoor.  As always there is a fair amount of nonsense and laughter as well.  Also some pretty complicated maths for the DM, who is not pleased with this.  Check out our twitter, our facebook, but most excitingly our website FormalGamer.com , you can check out our new characters for Season 3 already.  How exciting.

Season 2 – Episode 43 – Who Are You Again?

Grot and Dante are reaching the army of the rebellious goblins, and now they must decide what the hell are they going to do.  They have no longer got the Golden Ball with them, they have no real way of defeating an army, and they don’t really understand who is good and who is evil.  Also Dante has forgotten what on earth is going on.  As always you can find us on twitter, Facebook, but most excitingly at our website Formalgamer.com

Season 2 – Episode 42 – Grot the Gatecrasher

As we enter the final stretches of the second season it starts to get serious.  Grot has been tasked with taking down one of the city gates single handedly, and Dante and rag tag bunch of commandos and criminals are planning to secure a graveyard.  Will the dice be kind to our valiant/fickle heroes, or will the dice finally crush their hopes and dreams?  Who knows, but the easiest way to find out would be to listen to the podcast.  Check out our facebook, our twitter, but most excitingly our website Formalgamer.com

Season 2 – Episode 41 – Goblins Give Critical Feedback

Episode 41 – Goblins Give Critical Feedback

 Grot and Dante have a small prisoner, he is scared and baffled, but he may have some answers as to what is being planned in the city of Vanamoor.  There is also the issue as to how Dante and Grot can help start a siege of this city, and rid them of their unwanted Goblin rebellion.  As always find us on Facebook, on Twitter, and check out our partners WordoftheNerdonline.com

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Season 2 – Episode 41- Goblins Give Critical Feedback

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Season 2 – Episode 40 – Under Siege

Grot and Dante have decided to give the Golden Ball to someone, their former hostage Lady Silver Claw, and head to Vanamoor to get some answers about what the hell is going on.  Now removed of their responsibility to use the ball for good, or evil, they just need to decide what to do about Grotwell, Duke Nivocanto and anyone else who blunders into their path.  As always we have a twitter @viceroyswan and a Facebook page, but most exciting is our new actual website FormalGamer.com .

Season 2 – Episode 39 – The Book Of Revelations

This week has some pretty huge revelations about the mystery and intrigue of the Golden Ball.  How will Grot and Dante take the news?  Will they take it stoically, and sensibly, or will one of them have a minor brain aneurysm and barely be able to cope any more.  Find out when you listen to the greatest podcast about a fish being placed in a sleeping man’s face.  As always check out our twitter and our Facebook.  And our super new and sexy website FormalGamer.com