Season 8 – Characters


The Whole Gang

L to R:  Methuzala, Bernum, Fickle




Methuzala is definitely a magic user.  What sort of magic user we’re not sure yet.  And he certainly isn’t saying.  His hat is certainly dodgy, those lizards are suspicious and he may have painted a load of horses pink and purple.  Whatever Methuzala is he is bragadocious, outspoken and maybe just a little light on using the truth.



A monk of a very bizarre order in the Northern reaches of Skaa.  Bernum has some very bizarre beliefs.  The most predominant is that he has to try and protect every single pear in all of Helan-Skaa.  And he is obsessed with his beliefs.  Some might say he’s a fundamentalist.  But Bernum is no fun at all.  He is very good at kicking people.




Fickle is a bard, and obsessed with performing.  Free of spirit and light of soul Fickle is the heart of the group.  Never one to give up the opportunity to burst into a song, or play a tune.  She believes that she should be the most famous artist in Helan-Skaa.  However if she spends too much time with Bernum and Methuzala she might not get the chance.