Season 3 Characters


Javor The Bard

Javor is a star waiting to shine.  A childhood living in the mountains and hunting with his father was of no interest to Javor, the allure of the big city and bright lights always drew him close.  Obsessed with music and acting he would put on performances on his own in the woods, only watched by squirrels and birds, who were not appreciative of his talents.  The person least appreciative of his talents is his father Thorodin, who is intent on mocking Javor’s obsession with the arts.

Javor has never had much in life, his family rely on deals and hunting.  Javor is slightly obsessed with becoming rich and powerful.  The only things he has to his name are his fancy clothes, which he saved up for years to purchase, and his flute.  The flute was one that he carved himself, and Javor feels that if only people could hear it they would change for ever.

Javor is certain that if he only gets the chance to prove it to people he will be considered the greatest actor, singer or whatever else he turns his hand at.  He has decided he needs to leave the comfort of the mountains, and his family home, and strike out on his own adventure.  He has headed towards Ellonby, the most theatrical city in the whole of Helan-Skaa, armed only with his trusty flute.


Season_3_Thorodin Season_3_Alistair

Thorodin & Alistair the Bear

Thorodin is a bear shaman, and a man of the mountains.  Alistair is the ghost of a bear, one that Thorodin regularly summons from the spirit world.  Thorodin is at his most comfortable sitting around with other dwarfs extolling the virtues of which rocks are hardest, or which mines are deepest.  Alistair mainly sits around staring into space, or helping Thorodin out with his schemes and plans.

The two of them have been together for years, and Thorodin is so proud of Alistair, who has all the qualities that Thorodin wanted in a son.  He is loyal, reliable and doesn’t play the flute.  Ever.  Alistair for his part has no real choice in the relationship, but seems to enjoy being around Thorodin.  He’s pretty quiet, and a bear, so he has trouble expressing his feelings.  Alistair is so different from Thorodin’s actual son, rather than the spirit bear he treats as a son.

Thorodin’s other hobbies include bellowing, shouting, and yelling loudly at people.  Mainly he yells at them about his pet bear.  Sometimes he yells at them about other things, but normally it’s bear related.


arm_wrestling (1)

And here is some beautiful art from the third season, it is all three characters involved in some hardcore arm wrestling action.  Personally I don’t think the guys have ever looked better.

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