Season 4 Characters



Honey Nightshade

Honey Nightshade has not had a good life.  Taken as a young fairy from an enchanted forest, and sold by cruel traders to an evil warlock, who practiced his spells on her.  Her life was cruel and twisted, and that shaped her view on the world.  When given an opportunity for freedom she grabbedit, arranging the betrayal of her master by a known hoodlum.  Unfortunately that has landed Honey in even deeper water, and now she finds herself at the mercy of cruel gangsters in the city of Seathwaite.

Whatever happens to her Honey know 2 things:

1 Don’t trust anyone completely,

2  Look out for yourself first.



Porcho is mysterious.  Casually mysterious.  A circus acrobat by trade, but more than that Porcho is an incredibly proficient dagger fighter, having spent his time travelling training in the any discipline that he could find.  This has become his drive, to be the best fighter the world has seen.

He does not want for much, as long as there is adventure afoot and drink in his goblet then Porcho is a happy man.  He’s so casually mysterious.

Titus (1)


Titus is a Drow, though one who has rejected the evil and subterranean lifestyle of so many of his peoples.  After years of living in the Underdark, and committing acts of unimaginable cruelty Titus’ grew a conscience.  Eschewing his previous morality he began to live in among the fey creatures he had previously persecuted.

For years Titus has lived upon a sanctuary he himself set up, protecting those creatures who cannot protect themselves.  He even began to worship Callarduran Smooth Hands, a traditionally gnomish God.  He has removed himself from society, feeling that the evils and sins of society would bring out the evil that he rejected.