Season 9 – Characters


Locke and Key

The original and best brothers in h-arm-s. Locke and Key are half brothers, their mother was a human with a welcoming attitude to anyone with enough coin.  Though suggest that to either of them and you’re likely to find out quickly to talk with more respect. Locke is Half-Elf, canny and streetwise – more than willing to use others for his personal aims.  His only loyalty is to his family, especially his less than wise brother.  Key is brute force. Enjoying the criminal life for the opportunities it affords him to bash people in the head.  Can’t be trusted to behave himself. If Locke can’t pick his way inside then Key can open any door with sheer force.



A monk of a very bizarre order in the Northern reaches of Skaa.  Bernum has some very bizarre beliefs.  The most predominant is that he has to try and protect every single pear in all of Helan-Skaa.  And he is obsessed with his beliefs.  Some might say he’s a fundamentalist.  But Bernum is no fun at all.  He is very good at kicking people.




Is Lance a Weasel who takes Goblin form or a Goblin who takes a Weasel form?  Even Lance himself seems to question this notion. But what is certain is that he is a well respected outdoorsman, willing to use his incredible skills of survival and magic to help the highest bidder. Whether the task be legal or illegal it makes no different, Lance does it for the coin, because his beautiful wife, Marcella, deserves only the finest in life.