Season 3 – Maps


Ellonby Map

Here is the city of Ellonby from the Bu, the DM for season 3 of the Formal Gamer.  It is a smallish city, well known across Helan-Skaa for it’s thriving art scene.  It is a place to be seen, the well-to-do and the artist of the land flock here to make a name for themselves, and rub shoulders.  It is a rich city, and the citizens expect a certain level of order and respect.  Unfortunately for them Javor and Thorodin are about to rock into town, and they bring with them chaos, nonsense and confusion.  (Click image for larger version)


formal gamer map

This is the classic world map, and you can see that Ellonby is in the far South East corner.  The first season takes place in Arne, just slightly to the North of Ellonby, while the second season took place in the very Northern peninsular North of Vanamoor.



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