Season 1 – Maps

This is the land of Helan-Skaa, it is a land of great contrasts, a land of great civility as well as brutality, a land of civilization and of wilderness, a land of great heroes and nefarious villains.
The South of the country is the land of Helan.  A land of great trading cities, and trade.  The population is focussed on cultural achievements, rather than military ones.  Helan is populated with Humans, Halflings and Gnomes, all of whom try to get on in peace.
The North of the country is known as Skaa, a land which is ruled by the might of the fist rather than the coin.  While Humans are still the predominant race there is also a far larger population of Dragonborn and Dwarfs.  Huge plains in the North are the countries main source of wealth, with huge herds of animals moving across the steppe.
Arne is a sleepy town on the border between Helan and Skaa, for years it has been untroubled by violence.  Though there are Orcs and Goblins in the mountains to the North they have not posed a threat to Arne in many years.  Some may fear trouble from Skaa, but since the end of the Civil War there has been no threat from the forces of Skaa.
The Town is under the protection of The Lord of Arne, who lives at the ancient Rubicon Chateau, as his forefathers did before him.  The Lord is considered a good man, and his rule just.  Though in recent times he has spent more and more time inside the Chateau.
The town is well protected by the River Usarl to the South, which not only helps to keep bandits at bay, but also provides water to nearby farmers, which is the main source of income in Arne.
To see the map in full size open the image below in a new tab.

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