Dragonmeet 2017 Bonus Episode 3 Flight of the Pelican King


We recorded these bonus episodes at this years Dragonmeet Convention. It’s just me and Bu.

This is a bit weirder than the Dragonmeet episodes last year. Each situation starts the same and then gets progressively weirder. 

Enjoy your ride with the PELICAN KING!

Each adventure involves another podcast this week, and you can find those shows below. Give them a go. They were great fun to record with.

Penance RPG Podcast

The Coriolis Effect

Wizards on the Wynd

2 thoughts on “Dragonmeet 2017 Bonus Episode 3 Flight of the Pelican King

  1. Oh Baby, Baby, Baby! Just finished the 3rd of the Dragonmeet episodes, and I think that, collectively, these 3 episodes are the single most brilliant piece of podcasting I’ve ever heard!

    Thank you for bringing the Pelican King into my life!


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