Season 08 – Episode 18 – Door-a The Explorer

We open the door…who is behind the door? Well you can find out at the very start of this episode. Methuzala, Fickle and Bernum are finally getting on with the quest, so what could come and de-rail them now.


We are also introducing a new player this season, Mira Manga. If you want to hear more from Mira you can check her out on her own show Girls On Tour Podcast. 

Also check out Dragonmeet for more details of where you can come and see us doing some live shenanigans.

Maps and art at the

2 thoughts on “Season 08 – Episode 18 – Door-a The Explorer

  1. vimesy74

    Loved this one. Initially I wasn’t sure how Robins integration would work but, as soon as his character and history were explained, it all became clear…this is going to be fun. 🙂


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