Season 08 – Episode 01 – Laughing Stocks

The start of Season 8.  There is no Robin.  He is actually gone.  For a bit.  He will be back.  He’s got a lot of stories to finish.  Which we will finish we promise.
So onto this episode you will meet Fickle the Bard, Bernum the Monk and Methuzala the mysterious.  And DM Bu will introduce you to the town of Dulasar, where strange forces are causing some serious chaos.
We are also introducing a new player, Mira Manga.  If you want to hear more from Mira you can check her out on her own show Girls On Tour Podcast.
Also here are the links for Arclands which I plugged in the intro.  Their Wattpad and the Wikia.  Check it out.
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