Season 06 – Episode 06 – A Song Of Rock and Frog

We sing this week.  I won’t say who, but there is a duet, and it is beautiful.  There are also events, moments and shenanigans, but that song is all that matters.

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Enjoy the episode

2 thoughts on “Season 06 – Episode 06 – A Song Of Rock and Frog

  1. Not that I’m a rules police and I would never want to destroy the beautiful thing that was Farven’s spectacular pipe performance, but it takes 10 minutes 6 seconds to cast Unseen Servant as a ritual. Jeevus could only be summoned in 6 seconds if Farven used up a spell slot ;-p

    ow.. stop.. hitting.. me!

    Joking aside, another brilliant episode. Story trumps rules anytime. I’m loving this series very much.


    1. That is completely correct. And something we only realised later…just to ruin the illusion slightly. It was our first time with 5e and spell slots were not done perfectly. We will improve.

      In the words of Gorrus *SORRY*

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