Season 06 – Episode 03 – One Small Step For Eladrin

Finally, much to the DM’s relief, our student heroes are on their journey.  Horses, carts and the open road.  Nothing can go wrong at this point, surely?

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Enjoy the episode

3 thoughts on “Season 06 – Episode 03 – One Small Step For Eladrin

  1. I listen to this as I drive to work, I think, each episode, I might post up my favourite ‘Tears Have Actually Made Me Urinate And Crash’ joke. Or T.H.A.M.M.U.A.C. if you will. This episode was definitely…

    “Sorry I was just showing my robot monster the horses arsehole.”


  2. Formal Danny

    Sometimes after we say something like that we all pause and look at each other. The shared look is definitely “What on earth are we doing? and Why is this so much fun?” rolled into one. So glad you’re enjoying listening as much as we enjoy playing.


  3. Very much so. I’m currently on episode 5. At the moment it’s like a very sinister version of ‘Wind in the Willows’. Farven is most assuredly Ratty, Gorrus is Toad, Sot Rue is a giant, monosyllabic Moley, all on the ‘open road’ with Alfred the Carthorse. And Farven… no matter how much you read from the book of cleanliness I think its ‘hang and bother’ to spring-cleaning from our construct friend.

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