Season 06 – Episode 01 – Learning The Ropes

Welcome to Season 6 of the Formal Gamer Podcast.  We have new characters, new story and an old mic.  Apologies about that, the mic is on it’s last legs.  We will not use it for the next season, and that is a promise.  Mainly because I dropped it and killed it.

So look forward to the Eolas University and the students who will make up this adventure.

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Enjoy the episode

3 thoughts on “Season 06 – Episode 01 – Learning The Ropes

  1. Thought I’d leave a comment as I used to really enjoy series one, but my podcast listening somewhat fell by the wayside as I lost time to a project I started. I have picked up listening again with series 6 and you guys have lost none of the wit and panache. Great stuff!!

    btw. We have exactly the same thing in our own campaign with regards to elves ages. We call them ‘lazy elves’. Like it takes them 100 years to finally learn as much as a post-teen human. We’ve decided to go with the concept that they age the same as human until post-puberty and then totally slow down.


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