Season 04 – Episode 22 – The Gnome Mobile

The bright lights, the gambling, the drinking…what could possibly go wrong when our three party crashers turn up at a mafia run casino seeking answers, and also looking for trouble?  Well it turns out there are plenty of distractions, and the group soon find themselves all over the place.  Idiots.

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2 thoughts on “Season 04 – Episode 22 – The Gnome Mobile

  1. Cody M

    Finally caught up to present! I’ve been listening to your show for two months and really enjoy it. Keep up the good work guys, I can’t get enough of it 😀 Just out of curiosity, how many listeners do you have? However many, I’m sure the number will just keep growing. I really appreciate the time you guys spend, figured it deserved some sort of reply.


    1. Hi Cody, cheers for the message. Overall number of listeners is hard to calculate, as we think a lot of people are still working their way through the back catalogue. But we have around 350 who are up to date every week.

      Every message is appreciate, it’s the reason we do the show.

      The Formal Gamers


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