Season 3 – Episode 16 – The Plot Thickens

Thorodin and Javor have finally realised that they have a quest that they need to be getting on with.  So they meet up with their new assassin pals to do some plotting and planning.  They also push the DM to his limit with their ridiculous demands.

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2 thoughts on “Season 3 – Episode 16 – The Plot Thickens

  1. StandardIssueNerd

    I’m simultaneously anticipating getting to the play and saddened, as it will mean the end of Javor and Thoradins hijinks, at least for the time being. I’ve had more laugh out loud moments with this season than and actual play in quite a while, so kudos on that!

    Small request for season 4: Can you number the episodes starting with 01? It would help them sort better alphanumerically.

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    1. You can request that. And i will comply. As it is a really sensible idea, that will make thinga easier. I really should have done that from the beginning.

      Cheers for the advice. Glad you’re enjoying the show.

      Javor from the Formal Gamer


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