Season 2 – Episode 8 – Stew On It

Episode 8 – Stew On It

 The Formal Gamer guys are in full Sherlock Holmes mode around the town of Klippstone, searching for clues about the identity and location of Iron Heinrich on their mission to claim the Golden Ball. Unfortunately for them they seem to be far more concerned with backstabbing, betraying and generally winding each other up. As always this leads to a great deal of nonsense and some classic shenanigans. And who in their right mind does not love some shenanigans. I personally can’t get enough of them. Enjoy the Episode.

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Season 2 – Episode 8 – Stew On It

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The Formal Gamer is a Dungeons and Dragons Podcast.  Three old friends play the classic RPG., taking you on an adventure full of action, excitement and ridiculous nonsense.  They bicker, they mock each other, but mainly they laugh a lot at their mistreatment at the hands of vicious dice.


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