Season 1 – Episode 25 – The Perils of Gravity

Episode 25 – The Perils of Gravity

Our heroic gang have handed out their loot, but footsteps are coming their way and decisions need to be made….as always these are rash and foolish decision which lead to more problems.  The gang also get to witness the awesome power of gravity in all it’s glory.  Some new art has also gone up on our twitter and Facebook.  Check it out.

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Season 1 – Episode 25 – The Perils of Gravity

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The Formal Gamer is a Dungeons & Dragons Podcast.  Three old friends play the classic RPG., taking you on an adventure full of action, excitement and ridiculous nonsense.  They bicker, they mock each other, but mainly they laugh a lot at their mistreatment at the hands of vicious dice.


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