Season 1 – Episode 14 – A Brimful Of Ashes

Episode 14 – A Brimful of Ashes

Our heroes have found themselves sitting around a cremation in the basement of the Château that they just fled.  Not exactly the most heroic situation.  Now they must deal with a grieving widow, and get the truth out of Godar about where he’s been for the last 3 days.  As always find our maps and arts on the website, and follow us on twitter, friend us on Facebook and find us on tumblr.

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Season 1 – Episode 14 – A Brimful of Ashes

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The Formal Gamer is a Dungeons & Dragons Podcast.  Three old friends play the classic RPG., taking you on an adventure full of action, excitement and ridiculous nonsense.  They bicker, they mock each other, but mainly they laugh a lot at their mistreatment at the hands of vicious dice.


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