Season 2 – Prologue Episode – The Shape of Things to Come

Episode 0 – The Shape of Things to Come

Hello and welcome to first episode of The Formal Gamer Podcast to appear here on Word of the Nerd.  What is The Formal Gamer I hear you ask…Well it’s three friends playing the classic RPG Dungeons & Dragons.  They fight monsters, converse with evil warlocks, and laugh at really immature jokes.  This is our second season, but is the perfect entry point for anyone new to the podcast.  If you’re an old RPG fan looking for a fix or a complete novice then join The Formal Gamer on their adventure.

 This is a preview episode for the second season of the Formal Gamer Podcast.  Get the back story on  our two new heroes, find out some of the history of the area where the campaign will take place, and listen to a box of dice being opened.  As always you can find maps, art and profiles of the characters on our website.  As always enjoy the episode.

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Season 2 – Episode 0 – The Shape of Things to Come

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The Formal Gamer is a Dungeons & Dragons Podcast.  Three old friends play the classic RPG., taking you on an adventure full of action, excitement and ridiculous nonsense.  They bicker, they mock each other, but mainly they laugh a lot at their mistreatment at the hands of vicious dice.


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