Season 11 – Episode 01 – Crime Does Pay

We run down the history of Grot and Dante, and then they work out how to get to a small village along a country road. That is the only challenge…and yet it somehow becomes something much, much more.


Thanks to all our listeners for their patience recently. I know the podcast has been a bit more chaotic, and I can only thank you for sticking with us. 


I hope you enjoy what I think is one of the best starts to a season we’ve had.

Season 10 – Episode 28 – The Bad Sounds

THIS EPISODE SOUNDS BAD!  I am sorry. I messed up the record. It is bad. 


I hope you can still enjoy it. If you can’t then next week the sound is good again. 


Farven needs to level up quickly, and we need a plan to do this. And as always it gets weird.