Season 08 – Episode 26 – Happy Gnoll-idays

It is the season finale – finale. The second part of an epic conclusion. Methuzala, Bernum and Fickle are all over the place, and Arook is there too. 


Thank you for your support and kindness during this season. We have had more love on the Facebook and Twitter pages than ever before.

We will be back next week with the first of the recordings we made at Dragonmeet. Which we hope you enjoy, it was a great day there.


Here is a link to the new store at Threadless. Go and bathe in its magnificence. Or order a t-shirt. Or don’t. You know it really is up to you.

We are also introducing a new player this season, Mira Manga. If you want to hear more from Mira you can check her out on her own show Girls On Tour Podcast. 

Also check out Dragonmeet for more details of where you can come and see us doing some live shenanigans.

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