Season 11 – Episode 20 – A Giggle Circle

Grot and Dante are getting up to chaos and nonsense as always. These descriptions are going to be generic for a while as these episodes have been in the tank while I look after a baby I made. 


Enjoy the episode.

Season 11 – Episode 09 – Clowns are In-Tents

We are in the throws of running away and running toward. Just a lot of running. Mainly to get out of trouble, but also to make sure that Gorlock is ok. 

At some point they need to get into this circus and start looking at these tents…

Season 10 – Episode 3 – Playing the Field

Well that first episode was a doozy. What a way to get back with the students. Suppositories and suspense. This week there is a plan…sort of. After last weeks catch up and chaos the boys need to get up the mountain and find out what on earth is going on.


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