Season 09 – Episode 19 – Split the Party Hard

The lost episode is released. I mean it was lost for 2 days but that is still lost, right?  The party is split, and they are in some real trouble. No body knows what they are doing to effect each other’s battles.  Will Key accidentally kill Lance?  Will Lance cause a riot to ruin Locke’s plan?  Will Locke go into business for himself and screw the others over?  

The only way we can find out is by listening.



I screwed up the cable for the portable hard-drive. New one being Jeff Bezos’d to me as we speak. I will release episode probably on Monday, unless there is some other issue.  I know the podcast has been a little less consistent in release times recently, sorry about that as well. I’ve had a bit of a mad one recently.  Thanks for sticking by us in these times.


Formal Danny


Season 09 – Episode 16 – Locke and Load

The Party are almost ready to launch their attack, but they have no idea what each other are doing. So if a bomb goes off in a castle and your party aren’t there to hear it do you roll initiative? We will find out.


Here is a link to the new store at Threadless. Go and bathe in its magnificence. Or order a t-shirt. Or don’t. You know it really is up to you.

Season 09 – Episode 15 – Feasible for a Weasel

Sorry. Sorry the episode is late. I moved a house. And I got lost in Ikea and came back a changed man, with a new small bin for the toilet and an unfeasibly complex lamp.  Anyway…Lance, Locke and Key are keeping it a bit seperated, and getting up to no good. Which is very confusing. Especially as they don’t know what each other are doing. This can only go well.